IPhone User Startup Guide

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Step 1.

Search the iPhone App Store for “FluidSecure” & download the Fluidsecure App

Step 2.

Once the app is downloaded to your phone, tap the FluidSecure icon.

Step 3.

A form will be displayed for you to complete. Fill in the form and then press “Register”

Note: Company name MUST be spelled exactly as entered when you organization setup the account. Contact your Organization’s administrator if you get an error for exact spelling

Step 4.

This sends your Registration information to FluidSecure Cloud. Next your administrator has to mark you as ACTIVE.

Until you are set up and activated in the cloud you will not be able to obtain fuel.

Step 5.

Once you have been authorized your APP will start normally and you will be asked to select a HOSE.

Step 6.

Select the relevant hose from the list, and then press “GO”

NOTE: You can only select a HOSE that your Organization’s administrator has authorized you to use.  If you get an error contact your administrator for authorization.

Step 7.

Enter Vehicle Number, and then press “GO”.

Step 8.

The HOSE selection is actually a WiFi network on your phone. On the next step you will be re-directed to the iPhone’s Wi-Fi page. Take note of the HOSE name in #4, this the HOSE/WiFi you are to select. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Then from the list shown tap on the WiFi/HOSE name.  Wait unitl there is a Check to it.  Then click on the TOP LEFT where is says FLUIDSECURE. This Returns you to the app.

Step 9.

Enter the odometer reading from your vehicle, and the press “GO”.

Step 10.

Begin Fueling. The screen will display the vehicle you are fueling and the quantity of fluid as it is being pumped.  When the vehicle is filled or you stop the fueling by pressing “STOP,” the screen will display the total amount of fuel that has been pumped.

The transaction is then transmitted immediately to the Cloud-based database and the HOSE is available for another fueler.