FluidSecure HUB Installation Instructions

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Safety Information



All wiring should be installed in accordance with local, state and national electrical code requirements under NEC/ANSI/NFPA 70. IMC threaded conduit, sealed fittings and proper electrical wiring practices should be adhered to. Improper installation can result in fire, serious bodily injury or death.


Warning! Pay attention to the following safety practices.


1) Never smoke or use an open flame anywhere near the tanks or dispensers.

2) All mechanical joints containing fuel products must be sealed with sealant tape appropriate for the product dispensed.

3) Never use any tools near the dispenser or tanks that can create unexpected sparks

4) Always have a fire extinguisher available in case of fire.

5) Always turn off all electrical power when working on any pumps or dispensers. There will always be a disconnect panel in reasonable proximity to the fuel island. Typically this will be a circuit breaker panel. Power must be turned off before working on any electrical circuits. Typical ratings are 20 to 30 amp circuits. If you are unsure of the location, always obtain assistance to locate the disconnect panel.

6) It is highly recommended that someone who is capable of rendering first aid be present during the installation process.

7) Follow OSHA lockout/tagout procedures during installation, service and maintenance.

8) Know where the emergency shutoff is located. Do not use emergency stops to disconnect electrical power. Always disconnect at the breakers.

9) Always cordon off all work areas from vehicle traffic.

10) The State of California cautions that fuel and fuel handling systems contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

FluidSecure HUB Performance Specifications

General Description


The HUB housing is designed to hold the the FluidSecure tablet in an environmentally controlled chamber. It is designed to be bolted down to a level secure surface and requires power. All controls are radio frequency and as such do not require any conduit from the HUB to any dispenser. The HUB stand is designed to house up to a single 1” conduit. Optional stand has an interior diameter of 10” and can cover multiple conduits. The HUB can be placed in nearby locations that may be convenient to simply plug into an electrical outlet.

The stand is bolted to the ground with 4 screw in anchors. The anchors and drill bit are included. The HUB comes with a 20’ cord that can be plugged directly into a 120VAC electrical outlet or the cord end can be cut off and run through conduit and terminated with wire nuts at an electrical junction box.

The HUB can also be ordered with a 10” interior diameter stand that will cover existing conduit without having to remove the conduit. Usually if existing conduit is in place, one of the conduit will contain power that can be used to power the HUB. This is not shown in the picture.

HUB Housing

The HUB housing is designed to contain an Android tablet in an easily removed holder that is secured by an external rear facing keyed lock. It also holds a thermostatically controlled fan for cooling and heating elements. There is also an electrical outlet to plug the fan and heaters into that also incorporates several USB ports to power the tablet and other ancillary devices. There are no complicated wiring or control elements.

The bottom of the housing has a 4” adapter that slips onto the HUB stand. It allows the HUB housing to be rotated to any position. The housing is fully insulated and has a front door that provides complete environmental protection. The user does have to hold the door open to access the system.


Once the physical hardware is installed, please call into Support for configuration. This must be done in order to utilize the HUB. 850-878-4585