Become a FluidSecure Affiliate Partner and start making money today!

The FluidSecure Affiliate partner program pays you a commission each time someone clicks on your banner and completes a FluidSecure purchase.

By simply promoting FluidSecure on your website, newsletter and social media platforms, you will immediately start earning a commission on every sale.

Our Simply Smart Technology allows you access to your own secure administrative dashboard where you can view live information about your account and customers anytime, anywhere.

Earn Money while introducing your customers to the next generation of fuel and fluid management systems!

How it Works

1.Sign Up

Create a FluidSecure affiliate account and use one of the marketing tools we provide to start advertising on your website or other social platform.

2.Let your Link do the Work

Your unique affiliate ID is used to track each referral that comes from your marketing efforts. Our Affiliate partner dashboard helps you to easily track all of your clients.

3.Start Making Money

We provide regular monthly payments – it’s that simple!

Why Become a FluidSecure Affiliate?

FluidSecure has revolutionized the world of fuel and fluid management solutions with their powerful new platform.

Whether you operate a large network, content site or blog, we have a wide range of marketing tools to help increase your conversions and maximize your revenues.

Quick and Simple Setup

It only takes a few minutes to start making money!
  • Place a FluidSecure Affiliate link on your site
  • Start Generating Commissions for successful referrals
  • Compelling referral offers

Great Commissions Paid Monthly

Our tiered commission system allows you to sit back and watch your commissions grow!
  • Commissions paid 30 days after purchase
  • Monthly payments via direct deposit through your Paypal

High Conversions

With over 36 years of experience in the fuel and fluid management industry, we have a solid track record of success.
  • 23% of visitors converted into customers
  • Ready-to-use promotional tools to help increase conversions
  • Dedicated support team to ensure your success

Powerful Tools

We have a wide range of marketing tools to help increase your conversions and maximize your revenues.
  • Linking tools that meet your advertising needs
  • Your FluidSecure Dashboard offers real-time data and reports to track your clients, earnings and see which initiatives are working best

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