Trak Engineering launches The Next Generation of Fuel and Fluid Management Solutions at the PEI Convention in Chicago

Published Oct 18 2017
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Trak Engineering launches The Next Generation of Fuel and Fluid Management Solutions at the PEI Convention in Chicago this week.



Tallahassee, FL – October 17th, 2017

Trak Engineering has revolutionized the world of fuel and fluid management by launching their new fluid management solution, FluidSecure Link and Hub at the PEI Convention at the NACS Show in Chicago Illinois Oct 18-20th, 2017 in booth #7487.

FluidSecure consists of an innovative hardware and software combo that gives you total control and allows instant access to fuel or fluid inventory with real-time reconciliation. What makes FluidSecure most attractive is the price point. Traditional systems cost thousands of dollars, whereas the FluidSecure fuel and fluid management solution costs under $700 making it accessible to businesses and fleets both small and large in size.

“By continually listening to the needs of our clients, it was apparent that the one gaping hole in our industry was that traditional systems were not attainable for smaller businesses due to the high implementation cost. With the release of FluidSecure, smaller companies that could previously never justify the budget for a fuel management system, now have the ability to manage small fleets of less than 20 vehicles in the same way that a larger company can manage hundreds of vehicles, but at a fraction of the price.” states John Blyth, President and CEO, Trak Engineering.



FluidSecure consists of the LINK and a Cloud-based App. The FluidSecure LINK is a small, ‘Class 1 – Division 1’ device, which is mated into the existing dispenser’s conduit system. The innovative FluidSecure App is cloud-based and works with any Smartphone, IOS or Android, and keeps data transmissions encrypted, ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

“FluidSecure gives customers the ability to leave their fuel islands completely unattended while effortlessly managing their fleets. The system never becomes obsolete. As technology evolves with smartphones, our next-generation fuel management solution evolves with it. This is what makes FluidSecure so exciting.” notes Katherine Blyth, Vice President, Trak Engineering. “FluidSecure is Simply Smart and Affordable.


Trak Engineering

Blyth started Trak Engineering in 1981 in Tallahassee, Florida. With its 36 years of expertise, Trak has effectively managed more than a million vehicles, solidifying its position as a progressive leader in developing and manufacturing computerized fuel management solutions in the United States. Trak is an American company that manufactures, assembles, and distributes their ‘Made in the USA’ products from their corporate headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida.



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