Frequently Asked Questions about FluidSecure
The person in charge of administering our FluidSecure system left and no one seems to know what to do. What is the fastest way we can get training? How much does it cost?

FluidSecure was designed to be easy to install, use, and maintain.  If you want, you can contact Trak Engineering to schedule a web class for you and whatever staff members need to be trained.  Trak’s technical telephone support personnel is always available to answer any questions or walk you through the processes.  There is no charge for the web training.

The FluidSecure unit is installed on the outside of the above ground fuel tank. How does it withstand varying weather conditions and temperatures?

FluidSecure is sealed for outdoor use and exposure to rain, heat, cold, snow and all weather conditions and temperatures.  It is rated to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40C) to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (+85C).  To handle temperatures below -40C, FluidSecure can be equipped with a small internal thermostatically controlled heater.

How can I be certain that I am running the latest version of the FluidSecure software?

FluidSecure is a Cloud-based application hosted by Trak Engineering.  The latest changes, upgrades, enhancements, customizations, releases, etc. that are made to the software are used by Trak to benefit all existing customers.

How many vehicles can I set up to use the FluidSecure system?

With FluidSecure you can have an unlimited number of vehicle numbers and personnel numbers.  In order for the vehicles and/or personnel to obtain fuel, they must be set up in the database before they attempt to fuel.  When they enter their information to refuel, if the system does not confirm them in the database, they will not be authorized and cannot fuel their vehicle.

I saw FluidSecure in operation. There is nothing that even comes close to it on the market today. I have customers I know would want it. Do you have a program where I can sell to my customers? Who do I need to contact?

We are exited to hear about your interest.  FluidSecure is a unique product and fits the needs of a large group of organizations that have been virtually ignored by the Fuel Management Industry.  To answer your question, yes, we have a partner affiliate program that offers top commissions.  For more information you can call 850-878-4585 ext. #3, or email [email protected] or [email protected].

We look forward to working with you.

After I purchase FluidSecure, how long does it take to install and implement the system?

You can begin experiencing the benefits of using FluidSecure the same day that you receive your system. Everything you need to install FluidSecure comes with the system; including detailed instructions. Our telephone support team is also available to help.  There is no extensive installation or learning curve. Anyone who can use a cell phone can use FluidSecure.

Our organization is rather small, and our IT department is always backlogged. How much time will it take for them to administer FluidSecure?

Since FluidSecure is Cloud-based and hosted by Trak Engineering, there is really no involvement necessary with your IT department.  Administration of the software, application, changes, and  releases are all taken care of by Trak.

Sometimes we have no cellphone reception or the signal is very weak. What happens if someone is fueling and all of the sudden we have no cellular service?

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any transactions.  If there is insufficient cellular service, the system authorizes fueling through GPS technology.  Transactions are automatically uploaded to the server once the cell or WiFi signal is strong enough.

We have equipment that is used only part time. What's to prevent someone from fueling on days they aren't supposed to be in service?

With FluidSecure it is easy to prevent this from happening.  You can schedule vehicles and/or drivers to be able to fuel on specific sites, on specific days, or at specific times only.  If someone tries to obtain fuel during times other than those scheduled, the system will not authorize fueling.

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