Simply Smart & Affordable - About FluidSecure

What does it do?
About FluidSecure – The Next Generation in Fuel and Fluid Management Solutions, is an efficient, cost-effective fluid management system that is “Simply Smart and Affordable.”  It addresses smaller remote fueling operations that have been virtually overlooked by the fuel management industry.  You might not have purchased a fuel management system yet because of the cost and complexity of most of those currently on the market.   If you want a solution that gives you the security and full functionality of a large, expensive Fuel Management System, at a price that fits your budget, FluidSecure is your answer.

We’re never sure when to reorder fuel and how much fuel we need.

When you pay your fuel bill each month, do you ever wonder where the fuel went?  Do you ever wonder which vehicles are actually guzzling fuel and which ones are not?  Are you ever afraid that you will run out of fuel before you refill your tank?  Using FluidSecure allows you to track and reconcile the amount of fuel being used accurately.  You won’t run out of fuel again.

We want to be certain that our fluid resources are being used for business only.

FluidSecure provides peace of mind that your fluid resources are secure and being used for business reasons only.  Requiring your fuelers to enter their odometer reading, vehicle and/or personnel information before fueling ensures that ONLY valid operators and vehicles are authorized to obtain fuel.  You will always know, who did the fueling, what vehicle they used, the odometer reading of the vehicle, what fuel they pumped, how much they pumped, and the date and time when they fueled.

We have a small IT department that is already backlogged. They don’t have time to implement and maintain a new application.

That is the beauty of FluidSecure.  Not only is it affordable but it is also a simple product to administer and support.  Trak Engineering uses the servers at Microsoft Azure to provide our Cloud-based hosting solution.  There are no licensing fees or applications loaded on your servers.  Software upgrades, updates and bug fixes are performed by Trak and require little or no interaction with your IT department.

Looking for a Fuel Management Solution is frustrating.  They do everything we need but we don’t have enough time, money or staff to justify the cost.

Everything about FluidSecure can be summed up in three words, simple, smart, and affordable.

FluidSecure is simple to install, maintain, operate, and manage.  Even though it is simple, it provides more features and functionality than the high-priced systems.  You can install it yourself.  There is really only one part – the actual unit itself.  Once you receive the system, you’ll be up and running the same day. There is no real learning curve. If you can use a cell phone, you can use FluidSecure.

FluidSecure is smart.  It takes the guesswork out of tracking fluid usage and provides you with accurate accountability.  You can use the information for billing purposes and various mandated reporting requirements.  The information can be sorted several different ways so that you can analyze data, fueling patterns and trends, vehicle performance, amount of fuel, and more.

FluidSecure fits your budget.  It can actually save you money.

The automated process reduces the manpower necessary to track and account for fluid assets.

  • It assures that the money spent on fueling vehicles and equipment is used only for business.
  • Vehicles that aren’t used on a daily basis can be locked out from obtaining fuel on the days, times, weeks that they are not used.
  • Limits can be set on the amount of fuel any specific vehicle is allowed to obtain on a daily basis.
  • It can help determine if a vehicle might need maintenance or might need to be retired just by tracking the amount of fuel it is using and its MPG.